MP Ravindra Babu Ill-Treated At KCR's Office?

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TDP MP Ravindra Babu who shifted loyalties to YSR Congress Party ahead of the 2019 Assembly Polls faced a bitter experience at Telangana CM’s Camp Office.

Actually, Ravindra Babu visited KCR's Camp Office to invite the Telangana CM for his Daughter's Wedding. He, however, was made to stand at the entrance for several minutes inspite of proving his identity.

When the MP asked the security personnel to allow him to at least leave the wedding card in the CMO, Permission was denied citing his credentials has to be verified.

Expressing his anguish while speaking to the media persons, Ravindra Babu wondered what could be situation of common man if an MP faces such a bad experience. He added, 'It's like an insult. I don't know why other public representatives were tolerating this kind of treatment'.

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