Husband's Misdeeds Catch Up With this TRS Biggie

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Do you know that there is another woman politician, whom KCR considers his daughter? Yes. KCR always refers Telangana assembly deputy speaker Padma Devender Reddy his daughter and publicly announced this many times. But, KCR's 'daughter' seems to be facing tough times this time around.

There are complaints galore that her husband is reeking in corruption and is being called "collection king." Several stories of his corruption are doing rounds in Medak constituency.

Even contractors and officials are made to cough up mamools to Devender Reddy. As a result, there is deep discontent in the constituency. To add to this, he attended several government meetings instead  of his wife, who is elected people's representative. Some officials have taken strong objection to this, but to no avail. Now, all these are bouncing back on Padma Devender Reddy.

The locals are also questioning as how her assets grew exponentially in just four years. Many are asking how she could become so rich in such a short time. Padma Devender Reddy is finding handling all these very difficult to handle.