I Am Neither Mahatma Nor Chiranjeevi!

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The Twitter War between Prasad V Potluri and Kesineni Nani has been continuing since the YCP MP Candidate served a legal notice to the Vijayawada MP over baseless allegations made against him during poll campaigning.

PVP kept attacking Kesineni Nani with a series of hard-hitting tweets. This sort of approach could help the Industrialist establish himself as a Mass Leader. Take a look at the Tweet Attack...

'First of all, Decide whether if you're in TDP or BJP, whether if its legitimate or illegitimate affair. There are lot of names for transgenders in Bezawada. You could know about them in Auto Nagar'.

'I am not an illiterate who would show off using assets earned by Grandfathers. I created thousands of jobs with business establishments worth thousands of crores. We will learn how to dupe banks if you reveal the success secret of your Mentor in such cheat tactics'.

'I am neither Mahatma to spare those idiots who talk rubbish nor a gentleman like Chiranjeevi. Pattu Vadalani Prasad Ni, aka PVP. Ninnu Vadala Bommali..Sorry, Bethala'.


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