Owaisi Explains Why Modi Could Never Defeat KCR!

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BJP has conquered North India and shifted it's focus to South India. Winning four MP Seats in Telangana during the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections gave an impression that BJP is emerging as an alternative for TRS.

However, AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi firmly believes it's going to be impossible for either BJP or Narendra Modi to defeat KCR-led TRS Government. 'KCR is much stronger Hindu than Modi or any other BJP Leader. If Modi visits two temples, KCR will go to six temples. That is why Saffron Party can't defeat KCR electorally,' he explains.

Owaisi maintained BJP can't use Hindutva Card to have an upper hand over KCR because TRS Supremo is a hardcore Hindu and using religion doesn't work. He made it clear, 'I am not against Hinduism, but Hindutva'.

Winning anywhere close to 55 seats is more than enough for TRS to continue in power as long as it continues good relations with MIM. BJP could give itself a chance by reaching out to the Muslims in Telangana.
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