PK Will Merge Jana Sena With BJP: Actress

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Pawan Kalyan received the shock of his life with the 2019 Election Results. He expected anywhere close to 10 MLA Seats for Jana Sena in the recent elections. To his shock, JSP settled for one seat and he himself faced defeat in the two constituencies.

Post this defeat, More number of people kept talking about the merger of Jana Sena with BJP. The meeting between Pawan Kalyan and Ram Madhav when they attended TANA Celebrations has only given strength the speculations. Whereas, Pawan Kalyan continued to maintain that Jana Sena won't merge with any party till his last breadth.

Actress Madhavi Latha opined Pawan Kalyan will merge Jana Sena with BJP sometime in future if not now. She recalled Jana Senani backing BJP during 2014 Elections and differing with the national party later. 'May be, Pawan will realize his mistake and merge Jana Sena with BJP. It would be nice if the merger happens. It's up to him to decide what should be done,' adds the Nachavule Actress.

In the recent elections, Madhavi Latha contested unsuccessfully on BJP Ticket from Guntur West Constituency. She kept saying Jana Sena and BJP should work collectively for achieving better results. Who knows, There could be alliance between the two parties during 2023 Elections.

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