PK Factor Behind YCP's Historic Win

Prior to the counting of votes, So much debate happened on the impact of Three PKs in Andhra Pradesh. Eventually, Only one PK Factor created an impact and led to the massive victory of YSR Congress Party.

TDP relied mostly on Pasupu-Kunkuma Scheme through which Rs 10,000 was distributed to around 90 lakh DWAKRA Women during the two months period before polling.

YSR Congress worked according to the planning of Political Strategist Prashant Kishor.

Last but not the least, Pawan Kalyan has not only contested but also fielded candidates all over the state.

Both Pasupu-Kunkuma and Pawan Kalyan Factors hasn't yielded results. Only Prashant Kishor's India Political Action Committee (IPAC) Team succeeded in accomplishing the mission to help YCP strengthen from the booth level and leave a huge impact in the elections.