'Oppose As Much As You Want', Says Amit Shah To Opposition On CAB

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While the protests and unrest continue to take place across the nation strongly opposing the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB), Union Home Minister Amit Shah made some interesting comments.

He said the BJP government is very firm on this and said the refugees who became subjected to religious persecution and find a mention under the law will get Indian Citizenship.

"I want to say (to opposition) oppose politically as much as you want, but Narendra Modi government is firm and we will ensure that people who have not been deprived of the citizenship for so many years will be given. They will get Indian citizenship and will live with respect," Amit Shah said.

"Entire opposition is trying to mislead the population. I am saying again that nobody's citizenship will be taken away. This was part of Nehru-Liaquat pact but was not implemented for 70 years because the Congress wanted to make a vote bank, " he observed.  

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