"Oooo.... Oosaravelli Chinni Krishna", say Mega fans

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You all remember the extremely viral and still loved BGM song from the film, Oosaravelli by NTR, music composed by Devi Sri Prasad. Now, Mega Fans are using it describe Chinni Krishna.

Oosaravelli in Telugu means Chameleon. As Megastar Chiranjeevi supported 3 Capitals idea of AP CM YS Jagan, Chinni Krishna came out to support Chiranjeevi and even called him, the best among all the stars.

He said, "If we throw at stones at a good man like Chiranjeevi, they will hit us back at the double the speed. In Film Industry, if you want to survive, one should learn to respect achievers like Chiranjeevi."

He continued to say that many CMs will change but Megastar will always remain Megastar. He previously commented that Megastar did nothing for industry and he owes him nothing.

Now, he called him one of the Biggest achievers and deserves all respect. Fans of the actor are asking the writer of films like Narasimha Naidu, Indra to make up his mind and don't be a "Go-pi"!
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