One Year To Eternal Diva Sridevi's Death!

We don't wish to make your Sunday sad but some people deserve such a tribute and mourning from us, as their memory is the best part of our childhood and adulthood.

Sridevi, for today's generation might be another actress but her smile, her enigma, her screen presence and her style, her beauty, absolutely no one can forget her talent and nobody who love her can digest the fact that she died in such a tragic way, at 54 years of age on 24th February, 2018.

Anupam Kher joins with the fans as he identifies himself as one and told to popular news agency, “ It will never ever register that Sridevi is not there and it is something lots and lots of fans of her, including me, will live in denial of because it was so sudden, so shocking and so abrupt. Yet, the reality is one year now."

“I have never seen so much adulation for any actress in my entire career. According to me, she was one of the finest actresses, even internationally, that I have ever worked with or seen,” concluded the actor.

Anil Kapoor who is a relative to her and who also acted in the movies in Mr. India with her, commented that her personality is irreplaceable and her absence is saddening.

He said, "Her presence is irreplaceable! With time, we get over people and their presence… and then there are some personalities whose presence, enigma, beauty, and body of work, everything is memorable. She is that personality.”

Satish Kaushik one of the popular director and actor who acted with her said, “It was not only a personal loss, but also a huge professional loss because it is hard to find an actor who is so dedicated and disciplined. I really wanted to make a film and cast her, but that wish remains unfulfilled.”

Gauri Shinde her comeback movie English Vinglish director emotionally said, “The most special memory of her is of having the honour to have directed the most magnificent actress on earth… to have held her hand, to have hugged her and felt the warmth that is so special,”

Adil Hussain the actor in English Vinglish recounted about her ability to slip into a silent demeanour on sets almost  as if she is non-existant, "Doing that for an actress of her stature is tough. But it’s something she managed. She was a true actress who loved her art… She was a simple, humble, quiet individual who was a brilliant actress that the nation loved.”

Udyawar her last film, Mom, director, said, “We were starting a new chapter to explore the actress in her that the world didn’t see before. But things got over and finished even before we imagined.”