Lovers Day Director Lashes Out On Priya Varrier

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There was much anticipation on the film Lover's day before the release, all thanks to the huge popularity of its leads actress Priya Prakash Varrier. But once it has hit the theatres, it was proved that Priya is no capable of acting and the only good thing in the film was her wink act.

Thus, the film had become a huge disaster. After all these days, the director of the movie, Omar Lullu came out and shelled out his anger on Priya. He said that in the original version, Priya was not the heroine. But as her wink act gone viral, producers forced him to change the script and mad her the lead heroine.

In fact, it was Noorin Shereef who was lead in the film. But later, the story was changed and Noorin's character became a side actress. Omar also revealed That Priya didn't bother to promote the film after the release and things would have been different if she had attended post-release promotion. That is not a good act by the wink girl and hope she doesn't repeat the same in future.
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