Not Just Assembly, Secretariat, KCR Wants To Rebuild His Erravelli Farmhouse Too

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KCR sure is turning demolition into an addition. After launching the demolition of the secretariat and the assembly, he has now decided to demolish his own farm house in Erravelli of Medak district. The reason? KCR feels the farm house is congested and he wants a bigger one. The current farm house is not big enough to accommodate all his family members.

Interestingly, he launched the demolition works of the farm house moments before the launch of demolition works of the secretariat and Errum Manzil complex.  As long as the construction works are on, KCR would not be able to make a night halt in the farm house. KCR's love for his 60 acre farm house is very well known. Even after becoming the chief Minister, KCR likes to spend his evenings in his farm house. He has said many a time that he would spend his retired life as a farmer in this area.

Erravelli is part of KCR's assembly constituency of Gajwel. This was where he has strategised for the assembly elections and held some of the very important meetings of the government as well as the party.

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