North Carolina Campus Shooting: 2 Dead, 4 Injured!

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An Armed-Man opened fire on the Students at a North Carolina University when the last day of classes were happening on Tuesday. This shooting incident led to a panic situation all over the campus with Students and Faculty running out of the building for their lives.

Campus Police Chief Jeff Baker informed: 'Officers who assembled ahead of the Campus Concert rushed to the building soon after receiving information about a Man armed with pistol opening fire. The Suspect was disarmed and taken into custody in a classroom where the shooting happened. Prompt action by our Officers saved few lives'.

Two People succumbed to the bullet wounds. While Three Others are in critical condition, One Person is out of risk.

The Suspect was identified as Trystan Andrew Terrell (22). Suspect's Grandfather Paul Rold who claimed to be stunned to know about the shooting told Terrell had never shown any interest in the gun culture.