No one expected this kind of behaviour from Nara Lokesh

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TDP leader Nara Lokesh again became a trending topic, this time YCP leaders are saying we did not expect this kind of behaviour from Nara Lokesh and they complained to the Chairman of the legislative council.

The debate was going on the AP Decentralisation bill, the bill was introduced by the Telugu Desam Party. YCP leaders in the Legislative council went near the podium and they were protesting. At that time Nara Lokesh took his phone and started recording in his phone, the YCP leaders saw that and they complained to the Chairman. The Chairman warned Nara Lokesh after that Nara Lokesh stopped recording.

The YCP leaders went to Chairman of the legislative council and they demanded to take action on Nara Lokesh. When the chairman asked Lokesh why did he record the legislative council recordings, he said that the live telecast was stopped, so he was recording on the phone, some of the TDP leaders supported him and said that the government stopped the live telecast, so Lokesh recorded on his phone.
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