No more film celebrities for SVBC top post

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It seems film personalities end up raking up controversies in SVBC. First it was director Raghavendra Rao. He was made chairperson of the SVBC. He was made the SVBC chairperson after his mythological films like Annamayya and Om Namo Venkatesayanama and garnered positive opinion. But, during his reign, there were allegations that he had controlled everyone in SVBC and resorted to favouritism. He has not allowed any outsider except his own favourites to make programmes, thus go allegations.

Now actor Pruthvi has been made the chairperson of the SVBC. He has clearly misused the opportunity he got and and ended up raking up highly unwanted and wholly undesirable controversies. He has made uncharitable comments unbecoming of his position. He was also found to have been involved what could be described as casting couch. Before things got worse, he wisely resigned his post.

Both these incidents put a question mark on the filmi celebrities as SVBC heads. Film personalities have questionable credential and more than that, there would always be enemies to them, who will be waiting to pounce upon them. The roles they played in films also creates an impression about them. Many feel that instead of film personalities, people with devotion and impeccable character should be made chairpersos of SVBC.
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