No Short Skits Diktat: Students Stage Protest!

JJ Hospital's Grant Medical College in Maharashtra issued a diktat that Students shouldn't wear short skirts anymore. They were even asked to sit separately from the male students during the events. In addition, Students were asked to return to their hostels by 10 pm. This rule was passed by the Management after witnessing ruckus in the college premises on Holi Day (March 21st).

In protest against the 'No Short Skirts' diktat, Female Students wore ankle-length clothes and covered their faces to show their anguish over the circular issued by Authorities.

A Female Student complains, 'This diktat is like ruining our right to dress the way we want. Why all the students have to face the punishment due to unruly behaviour of few students? Male Students have Female Friends and Vice Versa. I can't understand what's the logic behind the decision to separate male and female students'.

Following the protest, JJ Hospital Dean informed that appropriate measures will be taken if there is any objection from the students on the diktat.