No Restrictions On Puri Jagan Or Vijay D!

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Puri Jagannath and Vijay Devarakonda are coming together for a movie and many speculated it to be Jana Gana Mana.

Charmee Kaur, popular actress turned producer in collaboration with Puri Jagannath, stated that the movie won't be Jana Gana Mana.

It will be a fresh script and different from even what is circulating on internet as the film's story, it seems.

Vijay or Puri, both did not impose any restrictions on each other, it seems. Puri will work on the look of the actor from December, it seems.

Meanwhile, he will fine tune the script and Vijay accepted the story line and to all major plot twists and points, it seems.

All details about the project will be announced in December as Vijay gave dates to the project from January, it seems.
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