Resignations Not Required In AP

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How many of the 23 MLAs will continue the full term as TDP Members remains to be a big mystery for now. At least half of them have been waiting for the consent of the YCP Leadership to shift the loyalties.

As per the political buzz, TDP MLAs needn't have to tender resignation to the Assembly membership for joining YSR Congress Party. The theory applied for Vallabhaneni Vamsi has set a new precedent. First of all, Rebel MLAs will ensure that they get suspended from TDP. Thereafter, Speaker will recognise them as Independent MLAs. In that way, They could escape disqualification despite being loyal to YCP.

Legislators who doesn't want to follow this method will join BJP just alike Four TDP MPs were continuing in the saffron party since few months. These two possibilities will bring down the count of TDP MLAs to under 10. Which means, Main Opposition status will be lost by Telugu Desam anytime soon.
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