No Poll Campaigning...Please: Kalyan Ram

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Kalyan Ram made it clear he have no intention to either campaign in the upcoming elections or foray into politics anytime soon. 'I will never place my feet on two fields. I should have awareness on a certain thing to share my views. I talk about Cinema as I knew about the crafts. Just because I am reading Newspaper and following what's happening in the country, It does't mean I'm into it. Politics is a different ball game. If I enter politics, I should give my 100 percent just alike I does when I work for films,' he said.

When quizzed if he won't continue the legacy of his Father, Kalyan Ram opined: 'It's too early to join politics. Let Me deliver 2-3 hits before I think about politics. Right now, I am delivering one hit and one flop. Let me achieve successive hits'.

On the call given by Balakrishna at the pre-release function of '118' asking Nandamuri Brothers to continue family legacy, Kalyan Ram revealed the whole family was shaken with the sudden demise of his Father why because he is like a Tiger for Nandamuri Family. He added, 'Family Members used to have the confidence that Harikrishna is there for us. Dad used to be like....I will kill if my family members are ed. That is why everyone of us got very emotional. May be, Babai spoke in that way because of it'.

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