No One Is Talking About Ajay Puvvada Despite RTC Strike

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Poor Ajay Kumar Puvvada! He became a minister after a long wait. But the moment he became a minister, the RTC strike came. Despite KCR's hard stance, the strike is not just on, it is gaining support from all sections. Interestingly, no one is talking about the transport minister even though the strike is already 11 days old. Some officials first held meetings with the RTC unions. The minister was not involved. Then KCR personally took over and went on the offensive against the unions. Since then, it  became a battle between the employees and KCR. Ajay Puvvada was again left in the lurch. He was nowhere to be seen.

On the personal front too, no one is taking the minister seriously. He is from a Communist background and his father is a legendary Communist leader. But, the trade unions are not taking him into account. KCR too is treating him like he is a greenhorn. So, the minister is neither here nor there.

"One should not be surprised if an agreement is reached between the RTC employees and the government without the Transport Minister even knowing it. At the end of the whole episode, KCR might even term Ajay useless and remove him from the ministry," said a political analyst.

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