No Modi Magic In 2019 Polls: PM

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PM Narendra Modi made it clear that the battle will be between People and Grand Alliance led by Congress in the next elections. He claimed, 'NDA Government is able to achieve progress in each and every field. We were able to provide 100 percent electrification in the country. In next elections, There won't be Modi Magic but people's faith will fetch victory for NDA. We conducted Surgical Strikes in Pakistan. NDA has done so much for farmers who were neglected by Congress'.

Modi alleged Congress is known for family rule and corruption. He declared BJP emerged as the biggest political party in the World.

PM's Message To Commandos Who Took Part In Surgical Strikes - 'Comeback before sunrise whether the mission is success or failure'.

Modi attributed the defeat in the three Northern States to anti-incumbency which was unavoidable as BJP was in power for 2-3 terms in those states. He maintained BJP wasn't in power in either Telangana or Mizoram to lose anything.

PM told Demonetisation wasn't a sudden decision. He recalled warning Black Money Holders to pay the penalty almost an year before the Note Ban.  He went on to say Thieves have been leaving the country as there is no corruption.

NaMo clarified there were no political pressures behind the resignation of Urjit Patel as RBI Governor.

Prime Minister maintained that ordinance can be issued on Ram Temple in Ayodhya only after the judicial process.
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