No 'Lakshmi Kataksham' For "Mahalakshmi"!

We pray everyday in the morning Goddess Lakshmi Devi to make our day better and help us in financial deals all the time. We call it 'Lakshmi Kataksham' (blessings of Lakshmi/ God of Finances) in Telugu.

For a film, that is titled as "That is Mahalakshmi", that Lakshmi Kataksham seems to be absent. Tamanna made a name for herself as Mahalakshmi in 100% Love.

But that is not helping her to sell her Telugu remake of "Queen". The actress has been trying hard to find a female oriented film success so that she can extend her career like Nayantara, Anushka Shetty and Samantha.

Her plans haven't been fruitful due to her script selection and her over emotional acting. That is Mahalakshmi right from posters seemed to be a bad remake and teasers made the opinion strong.

Producers of the film want to release four remakes of Queen in four South Indian languages with different female leads at a time. While Parul Yadav's Kannada Butterfly, Manjima Mohan's Malayalam Zam Zam are getting minimal offers Tamanna's over-budget Telugu version is even stopping Kajal's Tamil version Paris-Paris and others.

Paris-Paris got few good offers but as the producers insisted on taking Tamil and Telugu films as a package to initial distributors and exhibitors hoping for double market gain, using Kajal, Tamanna popularity in both states, they rejected. Now, even Paris - Paris is not yielding any offers.

Tamil and Telugu are big markets for the films and producers want to recover most from these two markets only. Other two can't match span and substitute.

Hence, That is Mahalakshmi interestingly is dragging Paris-Paris, Butterfly and Zam Zam down along with it! Latest Abhinetri-2's opening has made producers to offer Tamanna glamour roles in big films as F2 succeeded in senior hero movies but not heroine-oriented films!