No Conspiracy Behind Drone Flying At CBN's House

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A Drone flying at the residence of Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in Vundavalli created a sensation in AP Politics. From TDP Chief to Party Leaders, All of them kept finding fault with the YCP Government over what has happened.

AP DGP Gautam Sawang ruled out any scope for conspiracy in this matter. 'It's a drone used by the Irrigation Department for estimating the impact of the floods. Local Police weren't provided any information about it. This resulted in communication gap between Cops and Irrigation Department. Don't politicise it!,' he appealed to the Main Opposition.

Gautam Sawang maintained Police Permission is a must for using drones from now onwards. This firm decision by the Top Cop could prevent unnecessary issues in future.  

Flood Water in the backyard of Chandrababu Naidu's residence embarrassed the TDP Leadership. Photographs of submerged Illegal Structure went viral on the Social Media. Majority of the public reached a conclusion that this wouldn't have happened if rules weren't violated by the builder.


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