NCBN Can't Talk Against Central Government - Nitin Gadkari

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Nithin Gadkari, Central Minister talked about how BJP has been helping Andhra Pradesh in every way possible and how Chief Minister of the state, Nara Chandrababu Naidu has been stating lies about Modi and BJP Government.

He called TDP old friends and said, "Our Old friends cannot allege us with lies and TDP needs to give credit where it is due.

We have worked hard to develop Godavari Delta and Polavaram has been our key focus. We are working towards using the 1000 TMCs of water that is being released into the sea and wasted.

We will link Godavari, Krishna and all rivers in Andhra Pradesh, so that the water will be utilised right and we will send extra water to Tamil Nadu as well," said the Minister.

Kanna Lakshmi Narayana said that NCBN lost his mental balance and such leaders shouldn't be ruling the state at this point.

At the same event, Purandareshwari also said that NCBN is spreading lies and people are waiting for change in the state!

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