Nirmala Sithraman Hits back at Sonia Gandhi on her Remarks on Government

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Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has hit back at Congress President Sonia Gandhi over her remark that government "declared a war on its own people" and said Sonia is shedding crocodile tears for political gains.

The finance minister questioned the record of Congress in defending students and reminded Sonia that isn't under the ruling of ex-PM Indira Gandhi students of a Central university sent to Tihar jail.

Talking about the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB) Sonia said the government had declared war on its people and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are "the writers of this script of polarisation"

"Sonia Gandhi is shedding crocodile tears for students," she said.

"Are Smt Sonia Gandhi's human rights reserved only for some and not for the oppressed Hindu Bengalis who have fled oppression in a much inhuman and demeaning way and are for the last several decades languishing in camps all over the country," she asked.

Sitharaman advised the century-old party to maintain peace and calm and make sure their party "does not provoke violence"
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