#Nirbhaya, #Disha, #justiceforKajal,.....? How many more?

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India is considered a democratic, secular country. We worship women as the goddess in India. Daily we hear missing, or rape cases in India. In that, only a few cases will get popular on social media, then the victim may or may not get justice.

There was no justice is done in the Nirbhaya case till now, again the culprits applied for the review plea, now we have to see what will happen again in this case. Many people started keeping WhatsApp status, a Facebook status that the culprits will be hanged on 22nd January. But till the date, we cannot say that the culprits will be hanged.

In Disha case, many people kept status on social media, then justice was done in the case, as they were encountered by the police in an encounter. In that case one of the culprits' wife gave an interview on the social media, in the footage, she was demanding five lakhs money and a house. The first thing she should feel ashamed of her husband for doing such a notorious crime, and she was simply saying that as all the rapists were treated, her husband will be treated in the same manner, and she also said that he would be back with them after five to ten years.

Now JusticeforKajal, the incident happened in Gujarat, a 19-year-old girl went missing on January 1, her family had lodged a complaint in the police station, there was no response from the police, two days later the body was found hanging to a bannian tree that time also police did not register an FIR, they claimed it to be a suicide. A large group of people started protests and the news spread on social media, then the police arrested four upper caste people. Four people were identified as Bimal, Darshan, Satish and Jigar and police booked cases on them under various sections of atrocity act. Netizens criticized police for not registering the FIR and netizens also alleged saying that the police did not take action because the raped women was from the Dalit community.

Seeing the above stories we can say that the people who do such crimes think that our governments cannot do anything, we have money, we have political power, we can do anything. If we get arrested, we will be released after years.

People should have some shame to do such atrocities on women, the government should bring some new laws to stop the atrocities on women. The police should take strict action on them.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy recently passed Disha Andhra Pradesh Act, such acts should be passed in every state to stop the atrocities on women. Our country needs great rulers like Jagan.
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