New Song Alert: Aswaddhama Opens With A Melody

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As it is cricket season in India and we are about to witness an ODI battle between India and West Indies in few hours, a cricket analogy for a song promo shouldn't hurt many.

Aswaddhama is the new film from Naga Shaurya in the direction of a debutant, Ramana Teja.  He is looking to unleash massy batsman in him with this movie.

Mehreen Kaur who is scoring good 50's with her glamour is looking to play a big & long innings after this film in Telugu Film Industry.

SriCharan Pakala made a name for himself in wicket-keeping, that is saving films with his Back Ground score work but he wants to prove himself as a batsman of music, that is as a composer too.

With the team as hungry as Kohli, working on the movie, IRA Creations like BCCI is confident about the success of this film.

The melody song promo Ninne Ninne, teases the audiences about a long Rohit innings with class and elegance, mixed with mass-ive hits. We are impressed by the tune, are you too?

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