Nikhil In Love With ...?

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Nikhil Siddhartha made his debut with Happy Days in 2007 and ever since, he has been looking to become a star actor in Telugu Cinema.

He is now known as an actor who can guarantee an opening on the first day because of his improved script choices. But his latest film, Arjun Suravaram is locked in the drives from April and still it hasn't seen the light of the day.

The team has been waiting for a good date but that date doesn't seem to arrive ever. Nikhil is right now practicing cricket to participate in Cricket Carnival in Houston, USA.

Latest gossip about him is that he is in deep love with a girl who doesn't belong to Film industry. She understands his work and likes him as a person, it seems.

Hence, the actor got his family's approval for marriage and she too got her family approval to marry him, it seems. He is looking to spend some time on his next releases and see that there is no gap further in his career, before he tie the knot, it seems.

From November, he will be joining Chandoo Mondeti's Karthikeya 2 film, which will continue the thriller saga with mystical elements from Karthikeya.

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