Niharika's Response To Pawan Fans

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We have seen so many situations where megafans shout out the name of Pawan Kalyan in other Mega Hero events. Recently, the same happened with Mega princess Niharika Konidela as well.

Niharika whose previous outing 'Happy Wedding' ended up as a disaster is going to test her luck again with her upcoming movie 'Suryakantham'. When she has been promoting the movie in a college, PK fans reportedly started shouting 'Pawan Pawan' for which Niharika instantly replied, 'If you shout like that, I will say his name. But, what do you get that from it? I have this doubt for a long time, so that is why I'm asking you'. She added that they all should stop shouting his name but instead go and vote for PK to make him Chief Minister. Niharika could have simply said 'Jai Pawan Kalyan' and moved ahead but her response hinted that she is irritated because of that.

Earlier, Mega fans got angry on Allu Arjun for reacting such way with Pawan Kalyan fans. We can say that the only Mega hero who handles them maturity is Ramcharan.
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