Newcomers Feel The Heat In BJP

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A war of sorts is brewing within the BJP between the seniors and the new comers in Telangana. The news comers are increasingly feeling that the old timers are prepared to accept them whole-heartedly. They feel that the senior leaders are not putting in the kind of efforts needed to rejuvenate the party and are trying to put spokes into their work. They are sore that the seniors are stopping them from going the whole hog.

Leaders, who have joined the party of late are aggressive and are determined to take on the rivals. They do not want any compromise with the TRS or even the Congress within the state. They feel that the senior leaders have unstated understanding with the ruling TRS and are shying away from taking on the government. They also feel that some senior leaders are actually working as covert operatives for the TRS within the BJP.  They feel that though the national leadership is interested in promoting young and the new leaders from other parties, the local leadership is trying to scuttle them.

Some leaders have already taken the issue to the notice of the national leadership of the party. They have also reportedly told the national leadership that the oldtimers were not working to their full capacity and are doing things in a perfunctory manner.  They have also taken the issue of rampant groupism within the party. They told the party leadership that there are three groups within the party.
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