New Strategies Go Bust, BJP Now Looks For Old Strategies

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Shocked by the Jharkhand defeat, the BJP seems to be adjusting its sails now. After its experiment to make a non-tribal the party chief in Jharkhand and paying for the mistake, the BJP now is trying to win back the tribals. Interestingly, the BJP won only one seat from the tribal belt in the state. All other seats went to the non-BJP sparties. Now, the BJP feels that its first task is to win back the tribal support.

So, it is trying to bring back former CM Babulal Marandi into the party. Marandi is a tribal leader with BJP background, but had left the party to form his own outfit. Though he could not win even a single seat, he had also hurt the BJP prospects in the tribal region of the state. Now, the BJP wants him back into the party. Talks are on between Marandi and the BJP leaders on the issue. They feel that coming together would be mutually beneficial. However, there is a major issue here. Another tall tribal leader of the BJP, Arjun Munda is sure to be upset by this development. Arjun Munda, also a former CM, finds Marandi a rival. So, the BJP has to ensure that both Mrandi and Munda are satisfied.

The BJP had originally promoted Raghubar Das, a non-tribal, as the CM of Jharkhand. But, he proved to be abig failure as the BJP fared poorly in the elections. What more, Raghubar Das himself lost to a BJP rebel in his home turf. This showed that the BJP’s experiment of having a non-tribal CM was a huge mistake.
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