New Song Alert: RGV Parodies KA Paul In A Hilarious Way!

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am Gopal Varma decided to release a political satire on current politics of Andhra Pradesh state and due to the issues he faced during Lakshmi's NTR release, he seems to have taken a stand against Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and his party along with his long standing rivalry with Pawan Kalyan & his fans, Mega Family.

Adding more parody to the satire, he chose to make a song on KA Paul and that too with Main Hoon Don style lyrics and James Bond theme music.

"Nene KA Paul" song is hilarious right from the word go as lyricist Sirasri used every possible news item and interview that KA Paul ever gave during his Political campaign 2019, as Prajashanthi Party President.

KA Paul also made very degrading remarks on YS Jagan and NCBN during his campaign. Those words were also parodied by RGV for the song.

The tune and arrangement weren't innovative and quality seemed to be same as what RGV factory films offered over last decade.

You will definitely have a hearty laugh reliving all the memories of KA Paul adventures listening to the song and watching the video for sure.

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