New PCC chief to Lead Congress in Telangana?

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The loss of Huzur Nagar elections raised so many questions on will Uttam be continued in that position, or someone will replace to strengthen the cadre. It has been reported that Uttam Kumar Reddy met Sonia Gandhi at her residence and submitted her resignation letter as PCC chief.

The Congress party has reportedly started the process of appointing new PCC chief, by taking the opinion of senior leaders into consideration. Reportedly, Revanth Reddy, Jana Reddy and Duddilla Sridhar Babu is in the main list.

According to the reports, many local leaders have expressed their opinion to CWC leader Gulam Nabi Azad, who visited Hyderabad, during the municipal elections that it will be good to appoint a new TPCC leader before the elections.

Interestingly, the Congress government is in favor of Revanth Reddy, but some T Congress leaders are not happy with this decision. Jagga Reddy might also give a tough fight to Revanth.  

In Telangana, Congress lacks a strong leader who can lead the party and inculcate the intentions of winning the elections. If the T Congress cannot solve their internal issues, they cannot proceed further.
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