Netizens Give Wake Up Call to Megastar!

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Thala Ajith has delivered a blockbuster earlier this year with Vishwasam. Even after achieving the biggest hit of his career, he didn't stick to the commercial formula and came out of his comfort zone to make the film Nerkonda Parvaai. This is an official remake of Hindi film Pink.

Even though it is an offbeat film and an unexpected choice from Ajith, people received it very well and Ajith's stardom has helped it to have a wider reach. Meanwhile, the film is not being dubbed into Telugu as a popular Telugu producer already bought the Telugu remake rights of Pink.

It was rumored that Balakrishna will be playing the lead role in the remake but there is no official confirmation on it. On the flip side, many people on social media are opining that this will be a perfect film for Megastar Chiranjeevi as it is important for a huge star like him to make this kind of films to bring a wide appeal.

They also felt that he should stop making commercial films sugar-coated with a thin social message and start doing these kinds of hard-hitting dramas. Otherwise, the present generation might not accept the films of Megastar. Already, heroes like Nagarjuna and Balakrishna are losing their market and Chiranjeevi is the only senior star hero who enjoys huge stardom now. To maintain it for a long time, he should start doing these intense films.

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