Netizens Trolled 'Fidaa' Beauty

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One of the actresses who stay away from social media is Sai Pallavi. The actress who has a decent fan following in both Telugu and Tamil industries is not very active on social media but recently actress came forward to promote her upcoming movie.

To promote NGK movie, Sai Pallavi took Twitter and asked the netizens to shoot their questions at her. "Hello Everybody! I know it’s been a long time since we’ve had a chat session. My sincere apologies. Here I am ! Ask away" tweeted Sai Pallavi. As expected the netizens started asking so many questions and we can see more than thousand tweets with hashtag #AskSaiPallavi. Though Sai Pallavi is one who has started this, the 'Fidaa' actress has simply answered 6 to 7 questions and has stopped giving replies. So many fans were disappointed with her behaviour and some netizens  started trolling her badly. So, Sai Pallavi took Twitter again and apologized to the fans.

"Thank you all for the unconditional love. I’m sorry that I cudn reply to all the tweets( I really wish I could but I’m so bad at this)I hope u enjoy watching NGK at theatres Tomo Until next time ,sending u lots n lots of love" tweeted Sai Pallavi.

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