Neither KCR Nor TRS A Factor In LS Polls!

Telangana Congress Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy decided to put up a brave face after the humiliating defeat of the party in 2018 Assembly Polls. He exudes confidence that Congress will retain its lost glory by winning maximum number of MP Seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls.

According to Uttam Kumar Reddy, Neither KCR nor TRS won't be a factor in the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls. Parliament Elections will be a battle between PM Narendra Modi and Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi. Issues which became a factor in Assembly Polls won't be considered in the Lok Sabha Polls. 'KCR can't form the next government at centre even if he wins all the 16 MP Seats but only supports BJP-led NDA. Vote for KCR is Vote for Modi,' he said.

Uttam directed Party Leaders & Workers to make Telangana People believe that 2019 Lok Sabha Polls is a fight between BJP and Congress. He told, 'Convince public about the necessity to make Rahul Gandhi the next Prime Minister. We need to be smart and vigilant about the election process to have an upper hand in Lok Sabha Polls'.