Siddhu Gets Third Notice From EC

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Politicians are big mouths. They speak loud. They speak clear. And during the election time, they fly off the handle and stoop to any level if it means a few more votes. This time around, the discourse has gone to the lowest level with most politicos hitting below the belt with their words.  Even Prime Minister Modi seems to be no exception from this trend. In his desperation to pip past the rivals, Modi too is stooping down to the lowest possible level.

But the one who takes the cake is former cricketer Navjot Siddhu. He has already got two notices from the Election Commission for his comments. Now another comment of his has invited another notice. With this, he has got three notices from the EC.  Recently at an election meeting, he said Modi has corrupted the whole system and that he had entered into the Rafael agreement only to benefit his friend Anil Ambani. The BJP has lodged a complaint against this to the Election Commission, which promptly issued a notice to him. Interestingly, the speech was made on April 29 and the complaint was lodged on April 30. But the EC chose to issue a notice after 10 days. By the time Siddhu replies, the elections would well be over. So, what's the use?