Naresh Rips Shivaji Raja For Attacking Naga Babu

MAA President Naresh found fault with Shivaji Raja for making objectionable comments on Naga Babu ahead of the polling day. 'I was hurt with the kind of comments made by Shivaji Raja. Naga Babu is a former President of MAA and even Shivaji Raja is a former President of MAA. Good work has been done in every term whoever might be the president, be it Naga Babu or Shivaji Raja or Murali Mohan or Chiranjeevi. Few ups & down are very common. I won't approve personally ing someone. Shivaji Raja told Naga Babu is physically handicapped and can't even walk. I can assure that Naga Babu is perfectly alright and he even took part in the election campaigning as well. He made the comment that Naga Babu 'Pilliki Kuda Bhiksham Pettadu'. Pensions were started when Naga Babu was MAA President and he has done some good work like offering more memberships. His Family offered the first donation of Rs 6 lakh to MAA when I contested as the joint secretary. Naga Babu was behind the victory of Rajendra Prasad & Shivaji Raja Panel in the past. I strongly condemn the allegations damaging the image of an Artist. Better if nobody makes such personal remarks further,' he said.

Naresh maintained Naga Babu has voluntarily supported his Panel during the recent elections hoping for a change. He advised Shivaji Raja to refrain from stooping to such a level to damage the image of Mega Brother.

MAA General Secretary Jeevitha condemned the distasteful comments made by Shivaji Raja. She accused Shivaji Raja of trying to damage the image of Naga Babu against whom he holds a grudge for supporting Naresh's Panel in MAA Elections.