Naresh Panel Manifesto For MAA Elections

The Manifesto of the Panel-led by Naresh for the upcoming Movie Artistes Association is quite interesting. Take a look at it...

Naresh Camp Manifesto for MAA Elections:

1) Safeguarding the dignity of MAA Members

2) Maintaining Transparency

3) Availability of Office Bearers to resolve any issue. Helpline will remain active. 1 Day in a Month for receiving complaints. 24*7 Availability during emergency period.

4) Increasing Welfare Schemes upon conducting yet another survey

5) Welfare Schemes - Rs 6,000 Pension per Month, Medical & Life Insurance, Educational Support - KG to PG, Kalyana Lakshmi - Rs 1,00,116, Bikes & Scooters.   

Note: Pension increased for Women who doesn't have the financial support of family members.

Neither Shivaji Raja's Panel nor Naresh's Panel will have a cakewalk in the 2019 Elections. Of course, The Panel-led by Naresh have a slight edge but the result is unpredictable.