Modi's Remarks On Protesters Create Flutter

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's latest comments on those rioting against the Citizenship Amendment Bill are creating quite a commotion among the opposition parties and the community that is involved in arson over the bill. Speaking the other day in an election rally in Jharkhand, Modi said that only one community is resorting to arson and violence over the bill. He said one can makeout who they were by just looking at them. What they wear and how they speak can give them away. They are all from one community and it can be clearly seen, Modi said.

These are Modi's first comment against a particular community in his political career. This has left many surprised and shocked. They feel this is the first ever time anyone has specifically mentioned the name of a community. Modi's comments smack of religious hatred and amount to warning a particular community, they said.

The Muslims across the country have conducted protests over the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 recently. The protests turned violent with the protesters setting fire the buses and other property. In West Bengal, there were protests in four districts, including Malda. Even in Hyderabad, the people belonging to one community only have protested. Though there were protests in North East, where the ethnic groups dominate the scene, majority of the protests are by Modi.
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