Modi's Fani Relief: Is Is Phony Like Hudhud Announcement?

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Modi is one clever politician who knows how to garner publicity from the unlikeliest developments. He seem to be fully using the Fani cyclone to his advantage. Fani has wreaked havoc across the Odisha coast and literally battered Puri with gales of over 260 kmph speed. The Centre promptly sanctioned Rs 300 crore for immediate relief. The amount, the Centre has announced, has already been given to the State Government.

Modi has also announced Rs 1000 crore for Odisha. But, one knows such statements on meant only for publicity. Every one knows that such assurances are meant to get publicity. But, will the amount reach the State Government? Well! Yours truly has his own doubts.

Come to think of it! The Centre anounced Rs 1000 crore for the rehabilitation of the Hudhud victims. Only Rs 400 crore were released. The remaining amount has been stalled citing various reasons. So, on paper, it's Rs 1000 crore, but what AP actually got was just Rs 400 crore. Will Odisha too go the AP way? Will there be a huge gap between announcements and actual? Is this an election-eve ploy? Is it meant only for publicity? Interestingly, the elections in Odisha are long over. The BJP is not going to gain much from it. But, it may well help in creating a positive impression about Modi among the voters in the other parts of the country.