Modi Speas About Ayodhya For The First Ever Time

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Everyone knows that Modi does what he believes. He is known to work to a plan and workout everything to the minutest detail. He has his plans ready and makes his team work for realising his dreams. As a diehard RSS cadre, he has already brought Triple Talaq act and has removed the contentious Article 370. Now his next is constructing the Ram Mandir.

And for the first ever time, Modi has spoken on Ayodhya issue.  As part of the concluding function of the Maha Janadesh Yatra of poll-bound Maha Janadesh Yatra in Nashik, Modi said there was no need to talk unnecessary things on Ayodhya Ram Mandir. Let's have faith in the verdict that the Supreme Court gives, he said. This is the first time that Modi has spoken about Ayodhya temple issue. He said the people should have faith on the Supreme Court.

Modi also spoke about Kashmir and said that one should win over the hearts and minds in Kashmir. So, in one stroke, Modi spoke both about Kashmir and Ayodhya and thus firmed up the Hindutva agenda for the Maharashtra elections. At the same time, he replied to Shiv Sena's Uddhav Thackeray, who asked as to how long one should waint for the Ayodhya issue to be solved. Thus, in one stroke, he replied to every party.

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