PM Dares Cong To Fight Elections In Rajiv's Name

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kept alleging that Rajiv Gandhi is Corrupt No.1 during his poll campaigning. Opposition Parties came down heavily on Modi for making such an image damaging statement against the Leader who died for the country. Still, PM kept reiterating the same statement.  

At a rally in Jharkhand, Modi said: 'Few days ago, I called a Member of a Naamdaar Family Corrupt No.1. Immediately, They began crying. The more they cry, Younger Generation will know the same old truth. 21st Century Youth must know how the country was looted in the last century'.  

PM challenged Congress to seek votes in Punjab, Delhi and Bhopal in the name of Rajiv Gandhi who faced corruption allegations in Bofors Case. 'My open challenge to Congress. Fight elections in the name of the former PM associated with Bofors in: Delhi and Punjab, where innocent Sikhs were butchered in his reign. Bhopal, where he helped Warren Anderson flee after the infamous Gas Tragedy. Challenge accepted?,' he questioned.