Narendra Modi Can't Be PM Again: KCR

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Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao issued a sensational statement in the review meeting on Kaleshwaram Project. He didn't hesitate to say Narendra Modi, who has done nothing for Telangana, won't become the Prime Minister of India again.

KCR believes neither NDA nor UPA will be able to achieve the magic figure. He predicted that there will be only 20 to 30 seats difference between BJP and Congress.

When quizzed who will be the Prime Minister if not Narendra Modi, KCR didn't answer but just laughed.

KCR wishes to be a King Maker at the national level. That's the sole agenda behind the Federal Front. He wants either NDA or UPA to form the next government only with the support of Federal Front to make the Delhi ruler fulfil his demands.
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