Tupaki Poll: Nara Lokesh No Match To NTR!

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Tupaki.Com conducted an Online Poll pitting Jr NTR and Nara Lokesh against each other. The question is 'Under Who's Leadership TDP gonna emerge as a strong force again?'.

Shockingly, Tarak managed to receive 84.99% (80,388 votes) in his favour. Nara Lokesh could only settle for 15.01% (14,202 votes). Which means, Jr is capable of generating almost 6-times more impact than Lokesh if he takes over the reins of Telugu Desam Party.

Not just the General Public, Majority of the TDP Leaders and Workers believe NTR is far better than Nara Lokesh, whether its charisma or oratory skills or efficiency. If TDP loses elections in 2024 as well, The pressure continues to build on the TDP Leadership to hand over the reins to NTR. Son-in-Laws of Balakrishna will hve to be prepared to work under NTR's leadership if such a situation arises.

NTR isn't in a hurry to take over the reins of TDP. He will remain patient for the right time to arrive and than starts roaring like a lion. This is why Young Tiger remained mum even after the loose talk of Balayya's Son-in-Law Sri Bharath.
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