Namrata Says That Mahesh Respects Her A Lot!

Women these days lack respect from men and fellow women in the society. Some working women look down homemakers and homemakers tend to judge working women.

Well, but in a marriage if two people don't have respect for each other, it doesn't last long. Namrata and Mahesh, Tollywood's most loved couple doesn't have such problem.

Namrata said, "Mahesh respects me a lot and takes my consultation before every major decision. I like the way he comforts me and gives me all the attention I need."

She also said that she is a happy homemaker and never regretted her choice. She said, "I made big films with big actors in Bollywood like Vaastav with Sanjay Dutt, Jab Pyar Kissi se Hota Hai with Salman and Pukar with Anil Kapoor, but I did not make any effort to cash in on their success."

She revealed that it is extra stress for her to watch Mahesh films at theatre as she will be worried all the time about how it is performing and hence, she prays for success at home.

She explained, "Even though everyone in the family is excited to watch Mahesh on screen. It is stressful for me. Mahesh asks me to not over think but I can't help it!"