One CBI Raid And This Politician Joins TRS

How to make politicians fall in line? Strong, powerful politicians can also be forced to walk on all fours and surrender meekly if one attacks their assets. Take the case of once-powerful Nama Nageswara Rao. Nama was the biggest backer of the TDP and funded several pro-TDP channels for years. He was the TDP floor leader in Parliament for years. But, he surrendered meekly to KCR and joined the TRS. How did this happen? Was this due to a change of heart? Was it due to the realisation that KCR was doing someting really great in Telangana?

None of these. He rushed to KCR's farm house and submitted himself. He joined the TRS pronto for just one reason. His infrastructure company Madhucon was recently raided by the CBI. The CBI was probing into the diversion of Rs 264 crore during the the construction of a four-lane national highway project (NH-33 between Ranchi-Rargoan-Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. Soon after the raids, Nama was seen rushing to KCR. His strong backing of the TDP cannot help him at this stage. So, he went to KCR and joined the TRS.  For him, protecting his company is more important than anything else.

KCR, who wants to win over Khammam , has not just welcomed him with open arms, but also decided to filed him as the TRS candidate from Khammam Lok Sabha seat. In fact, Khammam is the only district where the TRS performed poorly. It could not win even a single MLA from this district.

Nama contested for Khammam assembly seat in 2018 Telangana elections and lost to TRS candidate Puvvaa Ajay. After the defeat, he became  inactive. But, there was a talk that Nama would join the Congress and would contest from Khammam LS seat on the Congress ticket.  But, surprising everyone, he met KCR to become party candidate from Khammam.