Nagarjuna Loses Cool On The Flight!

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King Nagarjuna is considered as a calm person with an uber-cool attitude. He is always seen with a smile on his face and you cannot think of him being angry at people. But trusted sources say that it is what happened today.

Apparently, Nagarjuna lost his cool on his co-passengers while flying from Goa to Hyderabad. During his journey, some fans reportedly irritated him with their over-enthusiasm and Nag was visibly upset with it. He immediately spoke with the airport personnel and changed his seat as per sources. This incident happened today while he is on his way to Hyderabad for professional reasons.

A few days back, the Akkineni family flew to Goa for spending some time. The family is still in Goa while the 'Shiva' actor alone is coming to Hyderabad while this incident happened. We think of stars as extraterrestrial people but they are also human beings who needs personal space at certain times.

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