Why Isn't Nagarjuna Looking At Anil Ravipudi?

An actor and producer has all the rights to decide whom they want to work with. We are not exerting any sort of right to tell them.

We are just suggesting that for a Young hero like Akhil, who seem to have bad luck despite good looks, dancing and acting skills.

He need not be as good as ANR or Nagarjuna from his first film but he is improving with every film. So, why is he failing still at the box office?

The content in the film matters the most. He is not been able to find a script that balances mass and class elements, well enough.

Anil Ravipudi has proved himself that he can blend comedy and mass elements really well, time and again. So, if Nagarjuna or Akhil, himself had invited him to make a film, it would have resulted in better box office reception, one feels so, even though we can't give guarantees.

Sometimes, the best do fail but bounce back well enough. At times when they are unable to, it is better to collaborate with a person who has image and who seems to have knowledge about box office.

 May be Nagarjuna should look for such a technician for Akhil's next as his three movies proved that Akhil is not trusting the best of the scripts.