Nagababu Sensational Comments On Amaravati Issue

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With the farmers and people of Amaravati continue to protest against the government's decision to have three capitals the state is witnessing unrest in the region. The opposition parties are also supporting these protests.

Leaders of both the ruling and opposition leaders are accusing each other on the capital issue. At this peek point, Pawan Kalyan's brother, Janasena leader Nagababu made some interesting comments on the Amaravati issue.

"If a person or organisation or a system speaks without balance it says their morale is down. YSRCP is in the same situation. Their behavior clearly indicates that their morale is totally down," Nagababu said.   

Nagababu also condemned Dwarampudi’s derogatory comments on his brother, Janasena supremo Pawan Kalyan.

"Now AP is facing bad time which will last for the next 7 years. The bad time for the state started with Chandrababu started playing the lives of farmers in the name of Capital, Amaravati. With the ruling of YSRCP, the situation got even worse," he added. 
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