Nagababu Looking To Fight Fire With Fire!

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Jabardasth is one of the long standing comedy shows on TV and the show made stars out of simple comedians as well.

Sudigali Sudheer, Chammak Chandra, Chanti, Hyper Adhi, Getup Srinu, Auto Ramprasad are known as stars on TV other than Pradeep, Anasuya, Ravi, Sreemukhi and legend like Suma.

But Nagababu after his famous exit from Jabardasth, is looking to give tough competition to the show, by hiring talent groomed by Mallemala, the production house of the show.

Mallemala have another long standing comedy show in Pataas and the daily comedy show became nurturing ground for young talents and propelled anchors like Ravi, Sreemukhi to star status.

Now, comedians from Pataas are being roped into Nagababu's rival show, Adirindi, which operates on similar format of Jabardasth and in fact, it is directed & produced by same directors, who directed more than 450 episodes of Jabardasth shows - 250 Jabardasth & 200 Extra Jabardasth.

While seniors who started as team leaders in Jabardasth like Venu, Dhanraj are trying their best to give this show good momentum, Chammak Chandra and RP are trying to continue their winning streak on TV, in this new show too.

Nagababu is not going to stop here and he is looking to hire Sudigali Sudheer, his team and even Hyper Adhi, as on when their contracts will come up for renewal at Mallemala, to strongly express his command over the production house, it seems.

He did not want to take any such action before but he feels that it is necessary for him to act in the same way, his now rivals are acting to safeguard his show and the young directors' production house, it seems.

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